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"This is a great piece of needed software. Thank you. IT works very well so soon after release. Keep up the great work!"
By MyDarkTower on wjunction.com
"Thanks for this great program, it is new, and already very good, makes the job much faster and easier."
By blssa on themaManager forum
"I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. Took me 3 CLICKS to replace all my links for 400+ files across 10+ forums. "
By facethewind on wjunction.com
"I love this program! Keep up the good work ;)"
By fring on wjunction.com
"...this is a great piece of software."
By Darko on themaManager forum
"Este software sera muy util por los uploaders porqué el tiempo es vida..."

Google translator: "This software will be very useful for uploaders why the time is life"
By hotsuki on forolockerz.com
"this is perfect software and themaposter too is perfect"
By freemind565 on wjunction.com
"Anyway, another very nice program. themaPoster and themaManager make my life 500% easier. I think the price is too cheap.
Keep up the good work!"
By facethewind on wjunction.com
"Freddy thanks a lot for great program"
By StarWars on themaManager forum
"BTW your manager app is amazing, you are really talented!"
By david moore on email

and many more...